Golden Russian 2000: CD-ROM

Learn Russian CD-ROM - Golden Russian

Product Description
The award-winning Russian language course Golden Russian 2000 comprises four parts: interactive Dictionary, Grammar and Phonetics guide, Dialogue and Movies. By completing various exercises you will learn to correctly pronounce words and phrases, compose sentences, answer questions and comprehend the meaning. Printed User Manual included.

The dialogues lessons are based on real situations. They teach the spoken language, the grammatical structures and the parallel Russian-English sentence patterns. Every lesson includes pronunciation exercises during which the program will check your speech via the microphone. The exercises in reverse translation dictated by the native speakers and teach the language comprehension.

The interactive dictionary will help you to learn and memorize new words, practice their pronunciation and spelling, and then check the correctness of your pronunciation. Colorful illustrations of the 3,000 most frequently used words will enhance the retention process. This dictionary contains over 11,000 words.

Grammar and Phonetics
The hypertext based reference guidance system on grammar and phonetics offers rules on usage, explanations and practical training. Plenty of samples from the spoken language and the illustrations help learning the complexities of the grammar in real situations.

The combination of audio and video will help you to comprehend the language better in different situations, to recognize differences in dialects and develop a sense of the language.

System Requirements

  • A PC with a sound card
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Headphones or speakers

Golden Russian 2000: $49.99 (Save $20)